This is

A green screen studio for your next virtual event or video production

What is

Studio99 is a complete virtual green screen studio that offers a fully customizable and immersive experience to live stream and broadcasting.

The latest technology within virtual production and dedicated staff from 4K Projects, all types of productions are possible in Studio99. Technology allows us to create dynamic and engaging studios for your virtual event, bringing your brand to life in a unique way.

With the latest technology not only in Realtime Green screen Keying but also in Mo-Sys Camera tracking and Unreal Engine Realtime 3D Graphics, Studio 99 have all you need for a virtual production.

Camera showing Green Screen Keying using Mo-Sys Camera Tracking of a corporate event in Studio99.
Studio99 green screen production. Close up of dedicated staff from 4K projects & mo-sys camera tracking.

Latest technology

Virtual Production is basically a term that originates from the film industry, and covers many different forms of imagery production. Everything from motion capture and camera tracking for animation feature films, to the use of powerful 3D Game Engines to pre-visualize movie shoots. If you take all these tools, and combine them with the traditional green screen and modern broadcast technology, then you get a studio like Studio99.

Virtual production

Studio99 offers some of the most advanced Real Time Green Screen keyers in the market, combined with state-of-the-art Camera Tracking technology and Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. This powerful combination allows us to create immersive and (almost) realistic virtual events in any virtual space imaginable.

Virtual Production has become increasingly popular, and for good reason. With the global increase in online events, virtual events have become a necessity. At Studio99, we recognize the importance of staying on top of the latest trends and technologies. In any case we are dedicated to delivering the best possible virtual experience for our clients.

Possibilities at Studio99

Studio99 can match your wish and needs, for your next production. Whether it is a 100% call-in production, pre-recordings, commercial film, or a green screen production, nothing is too small or too complex.

There is space to create scenography, we can control a full remote production, and plenty of options to make your video production or live feed just as you want.

With all the traditional broadcast tools, like multi camera production, Tally, Intercom, On-Air Graphics and Wireless Audio. The workflow in our studio is nothing different from what you would expect from another streaming studio.

Studio99 facilities

Everything is both renovated and modern while staying true to the original industrial look. The Studio comes equipped with a new kitchen to make it easy and convenient for preparing meals for your team.

Should you require more space for meetings and preparations, additional private areas are available. Our first floor lounge allows relaxation in the breaks. Toilets can be separated to allow privacy for your team, and additionally rooms can be allocated for your team to have a quiet place to prepare or have closed door meetings.

Studio99 set-up for a panel talk for a virtual event. Corporate event live streamed, studio view from first floor.

Available space

  • 43m² Studio
  • Lounge area
  • Meeting area overlooking the studio (with wifi and power supply)
  • Makeup station
  • Kitchen
  • Wifi and power supply available
Virtual production in Studio99. Close-up of speakers, real-time green screen keying to live streaming for a corporate client.

Want to see & hear more?

To see even more showreels from Studio99 or talk about your needs as well as your wishes, please contact our team, and get access to our showreel site.