Graphics for concerts, corporate meetings and other events

What are Motion Graphics?

Motion Graphics are an increasingly popular form of visual communication that combines elements of graphic design, animation, and video production. They are used in a variety of contexts within the event industry.

Motion Graphics are a highly effective way to capture the attention of your audience and convey complex ideas in a visually engaging way.

We develop eye-catching visuals that bring your message to life, that gives a wow-effect, and create an engaging visual experience for your audience.

Motion Graphics for events

Screen Content, Motion Graphics and Video Content creation is an integrated part of our service portfolio. In collaboration with you, we develop all needed visuals for your TV show, concert or corporate event.

Video elements and LED screens are a standard element of almost every show & event, which is why we also specialise in both development of content and video control systems and media servers for operating and displaying content to bridge the gap between the practical aspect and the design elements of any show.

Media Servers

We supply a wide range of Media servers and Video equipment but also employ some of the best operators in the field.

Media servers are powerful tools used in live events, concerts, and installations to manage, control, and distribute video content across multiple displays. They provide a reliable and flexible solution for delivering high-quality video content to screens of various shapes and sizes.

4K Projects specialise in the implementation and controlling of media servers, delivering seamless visual experiences for any event.