3D Visualisation
& CAD Drawing

See you thoughts in 3D or get working drawing for your event

Visualise your event

We offer in-house 3D Visualisations of your next event. How will your event space look? What can your audience see sitting at the front row or at the back row? And what should your virtual audience see? How are you using the stage and LED screen?

3D visualisation can create lifelike presentations of an event space. Whether you need 3D visualisations for presentations or CAD Drawings for project documentation, we can provide what you need. Both visualisations and drawings are a powerful tool to communicate thoughts and needs among.

Render Picture

Render vs Picture

We often create renderings of venues. That helps our stakeholders communicate their ideas and make decisions before going on site.

With renders, you can showcase your designs from any angle, add photorealistic textures and lighting, and even simulate real-world interactions and scenarios, making it difficult to see the difference between a render and a picture taken at the actual event.

Using 3D Visualisations and renders you minimise misunderstandings and unforeseen challenges, but increase the alignment between all stakeholders before you go on site.

Illustrations for planning

CAD Drawings are an essential element before going on site and are used for everything from project planning, detailed lighting plots and construction drawings, to product design and manufacturing drawings for custom made elements.They are created using software that allows users to draft and design objects in two or three dimensions.

We specialise in creating CAD Drawings that help our stakeholder within the event industry having precise and accurate drawing of their meeting or show.

CAD Drawing of B√łgeScenen on SmukFest.

More about CAD Drawings

CAD Drawings can easily be edited and revised, making it easier to make changes and adjustments throughout the process.

Another benefit of CAD Drawings is their versatility. They can be used to create everything from simple line drawings to complex 3D models, and can be exported to a variety of file formats for easy sharing and collaboration.

Reach out to one from our team to hear more about our 3D Visualisations & CAD Drawing services and how we can help you at your next event or show.