4K Projects — Full service company in the Broadcast and Event industry

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4K Projects

Knowledge, skills + creativity

We manage, plan and execute every aspect of Lighting, Video, Cameras and Visuals in the Broadcast and Live Event industry.

Big-Scale Live Events

We do project management of large scale Festival stages and One-off Live Shows

Broadcast and Live Streaming

We do production planning and management of Live Streams and Broadcast

3D Visualisation and CAD drawings

We offer Full inhouse 3D, CAD and Motion Graphic production

Virtual Studio

We offer a full suite of Virtual Production Tools. See our studio at Studio99

Easy access located near Copenhagen

4K Projects is conveniently located in the Greater Copenhagen area, only 25 min. drive from Copenhagen City Centre and 15 min. from Copenhagen Airport.

The outside area offers free all-day parking and public transportation right to the doorstep.

Experience in project management

We have years of experience in project management of Big Scale Live Events and TV Shows, including everything from budgetting to logistics and crew planning.

Great planning and concept devolpment is critical for a successful event, which is why we provide full inhouse 3D Visualization and CAD drawing services.

3D visualization of an event is the perfect tool to avoid unforseen issues and to better iterate the design of the stage before construction has even started.

We also provide VR options as a part of the visualization proces.

Technical CAD drawings is the next step after the visualization process and with a wide range of software, we do everything from detailed lightingplots and venue seatingplans to custom manufacturing drawings for CNC machining.

Video, LED, Motion and Virtual

Video elements and LED screens is now a standard element of almost every show, which is why we also specialize in video control systems and mediaservers for operating and displaying content on Video Screens.

We supply a widerange of Mediaservers and Video equipment but also employ some of the best operators in the field.

Motion Graphics and Video Content creation is an integrated part of our service portfolio. We now offer full development of Screen Content and visuals as well as the servers distributing it. This helps bridge gap between the practical aspect and the design elements of any show.

As a new part of our technical portfolio we now offer a full suite of Virtual Production Tools, including Realtime Greenscreen keying, Mo-Sys Camera tracking and Unreal Engine Realtime 3D Graphics. Including our own Greenscreen studio at Studio99.

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